We kept our bird feeders fully stocked with black oil sunflower seeds in anticipation of a snow storm. Luckily we did not get much snow, although it was very cold. Normally we have only been seeing Dark-eyed Juncos, Sparrows and Finches, but now we have a Northern Cardinal showing up. We have a smaller Pine tree near our feeder which the Cardinal seems to like.

I took the pictures from inside our Kitchen, shooting through an open slider door. I was having trouble getting clear pictures and kept noticing a distortion in the picture. I tried a different lens and noticed the same result. I thought it looked like some form of heat haze, but didn’t make sense to me since it was 10 degrees outside. My wife pointed out our heater was running while I was taking pictures and there is a vent near the slider door. That seems to have been causing the slight haze I was noticing. Here are a few pictures that turned out pretty well considered the poor lighting conditions and some haze.