I decided to take a trip to Conowingo Dam this morning. I checked the weather last night and saw that it was forecasted to be clear, but cold. I woke up very early and started the drive to the Dam. I arrived about 45 minutes before sunrise. I slowed down to try and grab a photo of the Dam’s sign, but failed miserably. My iPhone had the flash set on the first shot, then I got a blurry second one. Maybe next time.

Conowingo Sign

I put on my hat and gloves, grabbed my bag, and made my way down the treacherous rocks to the water level. I had the option to setup next to the parking lot at the fence line, but I wanted a water level view. It was uncomfortable area to sit, but I got some good shots.

The Cormorants started moving in early, as did the Great Blue Herons. I could hear the Eagles calling, but wasn’t able to spot any yet. As the sun rose and started to warm me up a bit, I spotted one. An Eagle was in a tree behind me. As the sun got higher, it illuminated the Eagle perfectly. Then another one showed up. At one point, they both flew off, but quickly turned back. I thought about making my way back up the rocks to get a closer, more stable photo. I am glad I stayed where I was.

As the Vultures flew past, I sat and waited for the Eagles to get moving. Just then I could hear some photographers behind me start talking. I looked back and the two Eagles from the tree were on the hunt. At this time, the sun moved behind some clouds, so it wasn’t going to be a great shot. Also, the Eagles flew further away from me making me crop the photos more than I like. The Eagle ended up catching something on the first try. I don’t know much about fish, but it looks like and eel or snake.

Since the clouds were still coming in, I called it quits and made my way back up the rocks. This was my second trip to Conowingo. Both have been successful in spotting an Eagle. I did learn a few things while I was here and I think I have a good idea where I want to setup next time. It will be in the area between my first two attempts. I am not sure if I will stay at the fence line, or make my way down the rocks to the water.