On our drive back from our Lake Arenal tour, we came across some Coatis. Our guide Melanie explained they are similar to a Raccoon. Believe it or not, they climb trees. She also explained that in Costa Rica, it is illegal to feed the wildlife.  Often time tourists are unaware of this and end up feeding animals at the roadside, which is why these coatis were hanging around. My wife and I believe in responsible tourism, and strive to follow all the rules, regulations and ethical choices we can. If guides say not to feed or pet the wildlife, we adhere to this. Often times we witness other tourists not following these guidelines which is disappointing. 

I decided to get out of the van to get some better pictures of the Coatis. I sat down on the ground to get a better angle and they came running!  I had a hard time picking one to focus on as it all happened so fast.


Once they realized I didn’t have any food to provide, they moved back into the forest. Melanie also quickly got them off the main road for their safety.