Our last full day has arrived and our trip is nearing the end. We started the morning walking the trails again to see what new wildlife we could spot. The day was rainy again, with spots of sunshine that would break through. We could hear the Parrots flying around and were able to track down a Red-lored Parrot. The photos are not great as the mist was rolling through and getting pretty thick.

Here are some more things we spotted.

Next up, lunch!

After lunch, we decided to call for a golf cart and asked if they knew where we could see a sloth. The driver made a call on his radio and off we went. A Sloth was last spotted in the Tented Camps near Villa 3. We arrived and the driver jumped out, looked for a couple seconds and pointed it out to us. It was in a small set of trees, only about 20 feet from us.

The rain and wind picked up very shortly after arriving to see the Sloth, so we made our way back to the room and got ready for dinner at Mis Amores. We loved our dinners that we had here so much, we got them again.

The next morning we woke up and headed to the La Fortuna airport to start our journey back home. The airport, if you want to call it that was completely open and empty when we arrived. There isn’t even a sign that it’s an airport, only that there is Karaoke.

We really enjoyed our trip to Nayara Springs in Costa Rica and look forward to returning in the future. Our trip home was smooth and without delay. I will be posting some videos separately.

Costa Rica
Photos from my trip to Nayara Springs in Costa Rice, 2022
Costa Rica
Videos from our trip to Nayara Springs in Costa Rica.

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