Before we depart for the airstrip, we start off the morning by looking for the Cheetah and her cubs again. We drove in search of them for hours, with our hope of a sighting fading. As we made pass after pass up and down the area where they would likely be, I spotted something. That’s right, not James, but me! I noticed something moving in the tree, and as we turned to get closer, I realized it was a Cheetah cub.

Cheetah Cub climbing tree
Cheetah Cub climbing tree

We ended up finding them with a fresh Gazelle kill, not 10 minutes old.

Profile of Cheetah

As we watched on, the cubs would take turns eating and playing. Some great videos will be posted later on.

We sat and watched them for quite some time.

Watching the Cheetah and cubs

And just like that, our mega trip has come to an end. We would be heading to the airport to make our way home. Somehow, we poorly timed this trip to occur with the five year cycle of the Kenya Presidential elections. We were a bit concerned to get back to the airport, but luckily there were no issues. We arrived to the airport far too early to enter, as the British Airways staff did not have an open check in yet. Our VIP service that we had hired took care of us and put us in a nearby restaurant to sit and wait for the appropriate time to go back to the airport. We sat and watched the news on the election and had some food. Around 7pm, it was time to enter the airport and get going!

Photos from my Safari in Kenya, 2022
Videos from our trip to Mahali Mzuri in Kenya

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