Today’s plan is to go to the docks and get on a smaller fishing boat with two other couples. We would be heading out to Daphne Major and Daphne Minor, two circular islands not far from shore.

Daphne Major
Daphne Major

We would look at the various bird life nesting in the area before doing some snorkeling. The weather today was pretty bad. It was colder and cloudier than any other day. It was also a bit misty outside too. We only took one camera and my iPhone for photos and videos, which is why we don’t have close-up pictures of the wildlife.

Since the sun wasn’t shining, we knew snorkeling would be cold and visibility would be poor. We did get to see one amazing creature though, a giant Manta Ray! It came out of the darkness and circled around us a few times. Here is a video compilation of the encounter.

Another video I grabbed was a Pelican taking off from the water a couple feet away from me.

After snorkeling, the boat captain of the Tesoro provided some lunch. We then cast some lines to try our luck at fishing. Mahi Mahi were in the area due to the currents changing this time of year. We ended up catching one small Mahi, but threw it back as it would not be large enough to feed everyone. Looks like the snacks on the boat will have to do.

Food on boat

The last part of the trip takes us to a private beach to walk around a bit. We saw more crabs, a Sea Lion coming out of the ocean and making it’s way up the beach, and some Blue-footed Booby birds diving for fish.

Once back at the Lodge, it would be another great dinner. The plating of the food looks like artwork at times.

And of course, the nighttime Chocolates.

Galápagos Islands
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Galápagos Islands
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Galápagos Islands - Adam Woods
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