We were finally able to start traveling again. We were a bit hesitant, but we decided to book a very last minute trip to Cayo Espanto in Belize. Since we have been to Cayo two times in the past, we were comfortable traveling there again since we knew what to expect. Cayo is super isolated and private so it made a great Covid destination. Belize allows visitors that have proof of a Covid vaccination to arrive without a prior PCR test, otherwise you need to present a negative test on arrival.

We arrived in Belize city around noon and were quickly met by Emilio who expedited us through immigration and guided us to our Helicopter. Emilio stated that Belize was on lock down from late March through October due to Covid and everyone was glad to see things picking up, albeit slowly. Our flight, which usually arrives with ~180 people, showed up with only 68!

We walked out on the tarmac, grabbed a quick photo, and jumped in the helicopter for our 25 minute flight over the reef finally arriving at Cayo’s landing pad. As always we were greeted by all the staff, handed an Espanto Wave (their signature drink) and shown to our room. We normally stay in Casa Solana, but due to the last minute booking chose Casa Brisa.

Casa Brisa

We were provided with a welcome lunch, which was perfect since the airlines have restricted meal service. Fish and Chips as well as Steak quesadillas awaited us as we arrived to Casa Brisa.


After our lunch, it was time to relax and enjoy paradise. Casa Brisa is a larger single bedroom villa. The bathroom has a large shower, and there is also a small closet for luggage. It has a wet bar area with sink, refrigerator, and coffee maker. It also has a long dock with chaise lounges at the end. While the various seating options and constant cool breeze were appreciated, we would choose Casa Solana for our next visit. We prefer the view and location, even though the unit is the smallest and has a much smaller bathroom area.

The food at Cayo Espanto has always been some of the best meals we have experienced. There are few places we have been that have been better. It’s nice to see Chef Richard and Chef Patrick are still there. However, this trip we both felt that the food was even better than before. While the meals are similar each trip, there is always a variation on the menu that keeps things interesting. We are happy that each time we go we have new food to look forward to. That said, we are very happy to see some of the usual items presented as they are fantastic! For example, the beignets and the Apple crumble desserts are to die for!

Our 12th anniversary dinner was a special night. The housemen, Carlos and Ronnie, created a stunning dinner setup in the inner part of the island. We noticed them working for 2+ hours and didn’t really know what they were up to. We were not sure if it was standard island cleanup or not. It was not!

We were escorted to dinner as always, but this time we walked the sandy path with flowers and hearts carved in. We arrived to a message in the sand outlined with rose petals wishing us a happy 12th anniversary. Dinner was amazing as always.

We saw some bird life while on the small island. Many Pelicans, Cormorants, Yellow Warblers, and a Yellow-crowned Night-Heron. We even saw a Roseate Spoonbill fly by but I was not able to get a picture of that.

Our last night’s dinner was also very impressive. We were walked to the other side of the island near the heli pad. We were sat next to a hole dug out for a fire pit and caught the end of the sunset while we ate.

Fire with Dinner

Prior to our last day, Cayo arranged for a doctor to come to the island and administer a Covid antigen test so that we could re-enter the US. It was really quick and easy and thankfully we both passed!

Leaving is always tough, but we enjoyed our time and look forward to our future visits. We jumped in the helicopter once again and off we went with the staff waving to us goodbye. Emilio met us again when we landed and hurried us through security and got us checked in.

See you soon Cayo!

P.S. – This whole trip was shot on my iPhone 12 Pro Max.