We woke up around 6am and went straight to breakfast. Kigali’s weather was nice, in the low 60s. We were seated inside with a nice view of the properties pool. There was a large buffet with something for everyone, including an omelet station.

After breakfast, it was time to meet Sula and start the day. Pickup was at 9am. We would be driving to the Genocide Memorial in the morning, then finally heading to Singita Kwitonda for our stay. As we drove through the city, I was surprised, and impressed, by the modern features. It appeared clean, with little trash in the streets. Sula explained that on Sundays, certain roads are closed for exercise activities. Residents come to run and cycle with no traffic interruptions. Within 20 minutes of leaving, we arrived at the Memorial. We were asked to exit our vehicle, while security inspected the vehicle and used metal detectors on us. We were then allowed to pass through the entrance and enter the lobby. Photos were not allowed inside the building.

Over 200,000 people killed in the genocide are buried here at the memorial in mass concrete tombs. That is a staggering number, yet pales in comparison to the over 700,000 killed and 2,000,000 refugees created in this horror. We were guided through the exhibit by an audio tour which did an excellent job of explaining the events. For more information on the Genocide, visit the Memorial website here.

After our tour ended, we started to 2.5 hour drive North toward the base of Volcanoes National Park. Singita Kwitonda is located on the edge of the park, with impressive views of the Volcanoes.

After arrival, it was time for lunch.

After lunch, we had some time to check out our room.

And before we knew it, dinner time!

Videos from our trip to Singita Kwitonda in Rwanda.

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