After our long day exploring Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge, I decided to explore Nayara’s property to see what I could find. I was glad that I did since I was able to spot a sloth. Actually, another guest had spotted it and I just lucked into it. The guests told me it climbed down the tree right in front of them. They were standing on the bridge that connects the property together between a hot springs stream. The tree the sloth was on was only about 4 feet from the bridge, so they got a good look. By the time I showed up, the sloth was very low in the tree.

I only had my 400mm lens with me at the time, which was not going to work since I was so close. I decided to run back to the room, grab my 70-200mm and my wife, and ran back to the sloth. By the time we got back, the Sloth had started to climb the tree. This was exciting since it would be getting closer to us.

After the Sloth went higher and out of sight, we headed back to get ready for dinner. First up, we hit happy hour again next to Mis Amores. 

Then we headed to Asia Luna for a Japanese inspired dinner. I had the steak fried rice and my wife had the chicken.