Some of you have asked to see more pictures of our Garage, so here it goes. I have been working on the design of our garage for many years now. When we built our house, I started off by immediately coating the floor with an epoxy finish. This lasted less than a year before it started to peel up.

Painting on the epoxy coating

I then decided to cover over it with RaceDeck tiles. I designed the pattern on their website and had them delivered. I did the install myself. Over 10 years later, with a little water and scrubbing, they continue to look like new.

Garage Panorama

The walls of the garage have a license plate from every country we visit, so we are often looking on eBay for new ones to add. We also have one for every US State we have visited. I added a car washing area in the corner that holds my towels and various wash products.

Car wash station

Just recently I finished the car wash center by adding a water de-ionizer from Spotless Water Systems. This, combined with a pressure washer, will allow me to wash our cars with a spotless finish. I used some leftover 3/4″ PVC pipe to run the water from the de-ionzer to the pressure washer. I put a valve in at the lowest point of the system to drain it in the winter, just in case temperatures drop too much.

Next up, I would like to find a better way to hide the pressure washer instead of it just sitting on the ground.