I decided to head to a nearby County Park this morning to see what types of birds I may find. I was surprised to find the park had a very nice layout with a large looping trail that followed the edge of the woods line and a small stream.

I spent about 2 hours exploring the area. I ended up staying near the entrance where there was a beautiful morning sunrise illuminating a patch of tall wild grasses. I was able to capture pictures of Starlings, Warblers, and American Goldfinches.

As I walked the loop I caught several Northern Flickers and Blue Jays passing by. Also got my first photos of a Sharp-shinned Hawk.

After about an hour and a half, my feet were soaked and I had to call it quits. I wore my waterproof Columbia hiking shoes, but apparently the dew covered grasses must have been getting my socks wet over the top of the shoe. I plan to head back with my full boots next time in addition to my Monopod so I can stay around longer.

Sunrise of Meadow