We took a trip to Bushkill Falls this week while the weather was nice. Bushkill Falls is a series of eight privately owned waterfalls, the tallest of which cascades over 100 feet, located in Lehman Township, Pennsylvania in the Pocono Mountains.

We arrived just before it opens at 9am to find the gates still closed, so we drove around the area a bit to pass time. We came back just after 9am and were able to enter the park. We drove in and parked to find we were the second car in the lot. Looks like someone else is an early bird too.

We had bought tickets online the night prior and proceeded to enter the trails. There are several different paths one can take. We decided to take the red trail which is the longest (~2 miles), but would cover all eight waterfalls.

The first waterfall (Main Falls) is directly at the entrace area and it is the largest, over 100 feet high.

We continued to hike the trail and view the various falls. We were surprised that we did not see any wildlife during the 2 hour hike. The area looks like it would be a good place to spot a bear!