I took a trip to Pahrump, Nevada, home of Spring Mountain Motor Resort. I attended the Ron Fellows Corvette Owners School. It is a two day event that covers the basics of a corvette. I rented a car at the Las Vegas Airport and started the hour drive to Pahrump.

Once I arrived, I parked and checked in at security. They gave me an overview of the area and a lanyard to where while on property. I grabbed my lanyard and passed through the security gate onto their complex.

I had the rest of the day to look around before the class started the next morning. Spring Mountain Resort has a variety of activities including a large man made pond with various water toys to play with. My room was basic, but nice. They had a restaurant on site which was included for the class dates.  I was on my own the first night and went into Pahrump for some food.

The next morning, I woke up and headed into the classroom after grabbing some breakfast. The classroom had maps of the various track configurations. I believe the instructor said that the track can be configured to be the longest track in the United States.

After going over various racing techniques such as braking techniques and proper steering wheel grip, we made our way out to the track. We were divided into groups of 3 with 1 instructor who would be the lead car. We could take laps around the track and switch positions behind the instructor so that we would not be held up by a slower driver. Each car had a radio that you could listen to the instructor as you navigated the various events.  We also got to do braking exercises, a wet skidpad, and a slalom type course.

The property even has it’s own man made Lake with various water sports activities.

The time went by fast and I am very interested in returning. There are just so many things on my list, I have to find the time.