On the way home from spotting some vultures, I passed a small pond next to an Inn. A Great Blue Heron caught my eye, so I pulled over. As I approached the pond, the Heron flew away.

As it flew, a bright white object caught my eye in the dark green backdrop. I quickly realized it was a Great Egret searching for food. I watched it walk back and forth every now and then freezing waiting to strike. In the background I could see the Heron I originally spotted doing the same.

I normally get caught up in taking pictures, but this time I thought I would give video a try. Using my monopod, I tried to hold the camera as still as possible. I had my Sony a7R IV set to 4K 24p 100M and clicked record. It was perfect timing to catch the Egret successfully hunting some food. Even with the monopod, I still had to post-process the video for stabilization.

After about 20 minutes of photographing the Egret, a noticed a small bird dipping into the water. It flew closer to me and landed in a nearby tree as I sat by the road. It was a belted Kingfisher. This is only the second time I have seen this bird since I started traveling to locations for wildlife. This is one of my favorite birds of the Northeast. I one day hope to get a crisper photograph with better lighting.