We traveled to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area this weekend to see what birds we might find. The Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area is an area set aside by the Pennsylvania Game Commission for the protection, propagation, management, preservation and controlled harvest of wildlife. It is 5,000 acres and provides habitat for waterfowl, forest wildlife and farmland wildlife and includes a 400-acre shallow water lake.

Upon arrival we spotted a self guided driving tour of the area. The road circles the lake and has various points to pull off for viewing. Our first drive around was unsuccessful in spotting anything other than some deer in the far distance. As we finished the loop, we pulled over next to the lake and an adjacent pond. As I was busy watching some geese, my wife signaled for my attention. She had spotted a large bird walking around on the ground.

I made my way closer only to find a Red Tailed Hawk hunting for food. I was able to get fairly close to it and it did not seem bothered by my presence.

It took flight and landed on a small, short fence post. More photographers passing by pulled off to the side of the road to take some pictures.

As I sat on the opposite side of the road, with the sun to my back, it flew toward me and landed on another post directly in front of me. It could not have been more perfect.

I feel I got some of the best pictures I have taken yet. All the photos were taken with my Sony a7R IV and Sony 200-600mm lens.