Happy New Year everyone! 2024 is here and I have a New Year's resolution. I will be trying to dedicate more of my free time to local wildlife photography. I am already compiling a list of places to visit and thinking of certain shots I want to take. Topping my list are obtaining some nice pictures of Owls and Bears. I have only taken a few Owl pictures, and only one from North America. I have seen Burrowing Owls in Aruba, a Verreaux's Eagle-owls in Africa, and a Snowy Owl in Pennsylvania.

In addition to new photographs, I have been reviewing past trips and finding photos I either overlooked or didn't see potential in. I will be re-editing them and I will post them here from time to time. One example I found is the featured image of the Elephant in this post. It was taken in 2019 at Singita Sasakwa in Tanzania.

Elephant in Tanzania

Finally, we have some exciting trips planned for 2024. Check the site from time to time to see the updates. Have a great year everyone!