I had to make a quick trip into New York this morning and decided to try and visit some sights really quickly. Despite all the places we have visited, I have never actually seen the Statue of Liberty. I have only been to New York once when I was younger and don’t remember much of it. I left Philadelphia around 5:30am and as we got closer, traffic got bad! At one point the GPS said it would take 38 minutes to travel 4.3 miles. I am pretty sure I could run there faster.

I eventually made it through the Holland Tunnel and parked near the Battery Park. I walked to the pier and took my first look at Lady Liberty. I wish I had my Sony a1 with Telephoto lens as it was pretty far away.

After this, I headed up the street to check out the Charging Bull Statue.

I then stopped by the 9/11 Memorial.

Finally I grabbed breakfast at George’s Diner.

Traffic back to Philadelphia was much more cooperative and there were no delays. Hopefully my wife can go with me next time and we can spend a little more time there and explore more areas.