While our main purpose for the Cancun, Mexico trip was to visit Chichén Itzá, I decided to add Tulum and Coba to the trip. Limbert, our tour guide picked us up at 6am to drive us to Tulum which is almost 2 hours South of Cancun. We arrived early, slightly before they opened the gates, but were super happy as we were the first people there.

To enter, you must duck through the opening in the city’s wall. Once through, you are introduced to a vast open area along the coast.

Once we finished up at Tulum, we headed to Coba which was around 45 minutes inland. Limbert pointed out the celebrity Rose McGowan’s house along the way.

As it was getting late and very hot, we asked Limbert to do a speedy tour of Coba. Some of the sights are almost 1 mile apart, therefore visitors have the option of bikes or bike taxis. It was super hot, so we opted for the bike taxi.

We headed to the largest of the temples, which was massive, grabbed some photos and heard about its history.

We then headed back out to go get lunch on the beach in Akumal at Lol-ha restaurant.

Once through with lunch, we headed back to the hotel arriving around 3pm. We decided to celebrate our successful trip by going to the speakeasy at the JW Marriott.

Photos from my trip to the Mexico in 2023